Telestial launches mobile web journal

Press release – 29 July 2008 – Telestial

Telestial, the largest online travel communications retailer, announces today the launch of the Telestial Travel Journal, an online service that automatically creates a trip journal based on the location of the user’s phone.

No need to manually update the journal from a Web site, the Telestial Travel Journal automatically updates the user’s location in relation to cell phone towers in more than 100 countries.

The Travel Journal is a free, value-added service included with the purchase of all Telestial international phone packages or SIM cards.

The user’s trip is automatically displayed on a Google map and a journal is created with images of locations visited by the traveler, local weather and a record of recent communications.

Users can update and personalize their Journal at anytime, either by sending texts or photos to the Travel Journal.

Even if travelers don’t have the time or opportunity to make personal updates during their trip, they receive a detailed online record of their travel experience afterward.

The Travel Journal enables family and friends to share in the experience of the traveler. Family and friends can access the Travel Journal online for a map showing the traveler’s location, local time and if their phone is on.

Simple, assured privacy settings (“private,” “family and friends” and “public”) give travelers total control over who can access their Journal. In the future, travelers will have the option to publish all or part of their Travel Journal on their favorite social networking site.

“With the Travel Journal, travelers receive an automatic record of their trip and family and friends can effortlessly stay in touch and share in the travel experience,” said Ken Grunski, president of Telestial. “There’s no other mobile service like this on the market today.”

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