Club Med shifts media spend away from offline

Club Med UK is moving away from national press advertising in favour of digital marketing.

The operator has set aside a budget of £1.5 million for this year with 70% to be devoted to online techniques.

The UK arm has appointed Cogent Elliott to handle the account across digital marketing, CRM and eCRM.

Club Med UK head of marketing Sarah Mason said the strategy was to focus more heavily on customer acquisition and the customer journey.

“We believe we have volume to grow. It’s about bringing the experience to life through video and a very focused CRM strategy based around the customer journey.”

While the company has had some video footage on the website, the plan is to use it across other communication mediums such as banner advertising, e-news shots and going forward outdoor advertising such as tube stations.

She added that the company would also be producing targeted landing pages and tracking pay-per-click advertising more thoroughly.

Mason also said there would not be a lot of focus on the website because it is handled “It was built for the French consumer and we have to keep within remit of how the strategic team wants it. From the UK, we want to look at better targeting and how we can bring people into landing pages that speak directly to them.”

She also said the trade would continue to be an important part of the business and said Club Med was not looking to drive all business direct.

“We want to maintain our 60:40 direct to trade split and we will adapt our CRM for trade customers.”

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