Traveltek to create booking websites for Advantage members

Advantage is working with Traveltek to offer websites with booking engines to its members.

Until now members have had white label websites, also provided by Traveltek, which were referral sites only.

The move is part of a review of the agency consortium’s online strategy.

Members will be able to use the Traveltek white label site with the booking engine offering a combination of traditional packages and separate travel components or incorporate the technology into their existing websites.

A third option provides agents with the revamped technology without the booking engine.

Managing director John McEwan said the technology was almost complete and expected it to be released in August.

Advantage’s main website, will also be revamped to include the booking facility.

The consortium has also appointed Stewart Travel as the fulfilment partner for the website to allow consumers to get in touch around the clock.

McEwan added that bookings made by a consumer who was trying to contact an Advantage agent would be referred back to the member agent.

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