Trivago creates hotel detail compare tool

Howzat Media-backed hotel review and booking site is to include details of the exact hotel rate descriptions in search results.

The tool, which works within the content feed from hotel suppliers or online travel agencies, shows if breakfast is included, if a credit card can be used or if the booking can be cancelled at short notice.

The new feature is designed to give more information to the visitor at the search stage on Trivago rather than sending them to the source site.

Trivago currently aggregates live pricing feeds from around 285,000 hotels around the world and caught the interest of a number of backers late last year, including former-Cheapflights CEO David Soskin and vice-chairman Huge Burge who invested an undisclosed sum in the company.

The site has billed itself as a major competitor to Tripadvisor for reviews and Kayak for the hotel meta search element.


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