Travelsupermarket switches PPC account to Efficient Frontier

Travelsupermarket switches PPC account to Efficient Frontier

Travelsupermarket is to outsource its entire pay-per-click advertising account into a dedicated digital marketing agency for the first time.

The win for Efficient Frontier marks the second major piece of new business within a week after it secured the PPC account for ebookers.

The Travelsupermarket account was previously handled in-house within parent company Moneysupermarket. London-based agency The Search Works was also used on a consultancy basis.

Efficient Frontier is expected to handle “hundreds of thousands” of keyword bidding patterns across the Moneysupermarket and Travelsupermarket brands.

Alan Harding, head of search at, said: “Search is one of the most important channels for us to drive activity to our websites.

“After a very thorough examination of search engine marketing businesses, we have chosen Efficient Frontier to work with our in-house team of search professionals. Its technology and expertise will help us manage our complex search campaigns, which span many different industries.”

David White, General Manager of Efficient Frontier Europe, said: “By combining its extremely sophisticated advertiser requirements for its search campaigns with our unique portfolio optimisation technology, it will get even greater returns from its marketing investment.”

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