Quadriga and Philips partnership to showcase digital signage for hoteliers

Quadriga and Philips partnership to showcase digital signage for hoteliers

Entertainment systems company Quadriga will be presenting alongside technology firm Philips at ISE 2016.

After years of collaboration on in-room entertainment technology, both companies have furthered their partnership to provide insight into the hospitality market’s current and future needs.

The firms will showcase the latest digital signage technologies to help hoteliers communicate with their ‘lost’ guests.

Mark Brooks-Belcher, global sales director at Quadriga, said: “Whether it’s a business man arriving to speak at a conference, a couple wanting to book dinner at the restaurant or a group of friends looking for a local shopping centre, every hotel in every country has a long list of tales of lost guests, aggravated or confused by limited access to information or direction.

“The partnership will allow hotels to accommodate for the increase in travellers demanding a quick, flexible and efficient service.

“Today’s guests require service that has been tailored to their needs, meaning communication needs to be as instant and as effortless as possible.”

Peter Vinke, director of international key accounts at Phillips, added: “Guests today are much more technologically aware than what they used to be 10 years ago.

“Their general life preferences are becoming more focused on digital, and their experiences in hospitality and leisure industries should be no different.

“Together with Quadriga, our experience combines more than 60 years of knowledge and insights in the hospitality market.”

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