Busy Rooms and Hotelogix announce partnership

Busy Rooms and Hotelogix announce partnership

Busy Rooms has partnered with Hotelogix to provide integrated online distribution solutions for hotels.

The partnership is designed to help small and mid-sized groups to better structure and execute online room sales.

The Hotelogix cloud property management system is used by independent hotels, B&Bs, resorts, and group properties in more than 85 countries.

Co-founder and chief executive of Hotelogix, Aditya Sanghi, said: “By partnering with Busy Rooms, a market-leading revenue and distribution service, Hotelogix is offering a valuable suite of services designed to help small and mid-sized properties enjoy a complete management solution in order to reach their maximum business potential.”

Casey Davy, vice president sales at Busy Rooms, added: “We started Busy Rooms with the sole idea to better serve the hotel distribution chain.

“Current channel management approaches do not provide hotels with enough features and automation to handle the very complex online distribution market.

“Our partnership with Hotelogix will provide our joint customers with the ability to centrally perform, monitor and review all required changes for daily recurring tasks.”

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