MSC Cruises agrees deal with Samsung to equip its ships

MSC Cruises agrees deal with Samsung to equip its ships

MSC Cruises has entered into a partnership with Samsung to fully equip its next-generation ships.

Starting with MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside, which will come into service in June and December 2017 respectively, the partnership will cover all seven Meraviglia and Seaside generation new-builds with digital solutions and devices.

These will include cabin TVs, public screens and equipment in the ships’ medical centres will all be supplied by Samsung.

MSC Cruises chief executive, Gianni Onorato, said: “Samsung is the master of technology, and at MSC Cruises we have consistently shown our commitment to both cutting edge innovation and working with best-in-class partners that can support and further enhance the onboard experiences we offer our guests.”

He added: “Equipped throughout with Samsung’s latest-technology products, our guests will be able to experience the best of the next generation in smart ships.”

Samsung Italia president, Carlo Barlocco, said: “The partnership with MSC Cruises is an example of how our advanced solutions are able to enhance the guest experience, not only monitors and tablets to access information and infotainment contents onboard but also advanced medical equipment to support first aid in case of emergencies.”

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