Magnetic warns travel is failing to embrace augmented reality

Magnetic warns travel is failing to embrace augmented reality

Augmented reality specialist Magnetic has warned travel companies may “fall behind” if they fail to embrace the “limitless possibilities” of the technology.

Kaan Aydogmus, founder of London-based Magnetic, which also has a studio in Istanbul, said while many other industries are busy adopting augmented reality, travel firms in the UK are yet to embrace it consistently.

The creative agency specialises in placing digital overlay onto static images via an app to conjure up 3D images, 360 degree panoramic tours, videos, links and interactive experiences such as surveys.

Examples include magazine adverts, beer mats and business cards that spring to life when the app is held above. The technology could also be used for an entire brochure or catalogue.

“This could be particularly beneficial for the travel industry as it specialises in selling a product which cannot be shown first-hand,” said Aydogmus.

“AR can display map locations so that users can take a tour of the beach, visit a museum or walk around the local town.

“This would be a huge advantage for tour operators, airlines, cruise lines and hoteliers as they could display rooms, cabins and other facilities to help customers get a feel of a place.

“It could also help customers choose which type of hotel room or ship cabin they would need.

“Airlines could also use AR to sell new locations to customers or give them an insight into what to expect from inflight entertainment or on-board the aircraft.

“You could use AR to embed phone or email buttons or booking forms, allowing clients to get in touch with just the tap of a button.

“The possibilities for AR in travel are limitless. Anyone who advertises with a minimum of one image can use this.

Asked what benefits the technology provided by firms like Magnetic has over the popular Oculus Rift concept, Aydogmus said: “There is no cumbersome and expensive headset required – customers can use this through their phones, while out and about. It doesn’t even drain data.

“We are one of a handful of forward-thinking companies on the planet who have the capability to deliver real results using this exciting new platform, which is already revolutionising how we interact with our physical environment,” said Aydogmus.

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