Talkholiday to donate revenue percentage to fair trade organisation

Talkholiday to donate revenue percentage to fair trade organisation

Travel social platform talkholiday will donate a percentage of its revenues to Fairtrade organisation Traidcraft as part of a new commitment.

Chris Newlands, talkholiday’s chief executive, said the company will donate at least 5% of its revenues to the organisation.

The Glasgow-based firm, which last year appointed former Virgin Holidays managing director Amanda Wills to its board, has also introduced a Smart Partnership programme whereby any existing or future partners will have the opportunity to match talkholiday’s donation to Traidcraft.

Newlands said: “This collaboration gives our team a defined additional purpose whereby we encourage responsible tourism. I have always instigated a need for both value and values in our company and this helps us cement that.

“If one of our members is jetting off to Kenya on holiday, I want them to know that not only are theyboosting the country’s economy through tourism at the highest level, but more tangibly, they aremaking a real difference to people in developing countries. They are helping suppliers that mainstream businesses would choose not to work with.”

Traidcraft’s marketing director, Larry Bush, added: “Receiving support from like-minded organisations such as talkholiday means we can increase public support for our work, helping the world’s poorest people build sustainable lives through trade.

“Together we can make even more of an impact in developing countries such as India and Bangladesh, or in East Africa – places that will be visited by talkholiday customers.”

Last year Traidcraft helped nearly 700,000 farmers improve their skills. Through one project in Bangladesh more than 8,000 farmers saw their sales rise by more than 20%.

In July the firm’s China Club was launched, hosted on the talkholiday platform, offering deals for members for travel to China.

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