Abta warns public about fraudulent travel websites

Abta warns public about fraudulent travel websites

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Abta has issued a warning to the public over the dangers of fake travel company websites following an increase in reports of fraudulent sites.

Abta said it was particularly worried the public may end up being duped by fraudsters in the key booking period.

It has put together a list of warning signs that should lead the public into realising the website is not legitimate.

The public has been urged to look out for prices that are considerably cheaper than competitors, low resolution and fuzzy logos for trade associations and credit card companies and non-receipt of tickets. Abta also said a warning sign was the only payment option being a bank transfer, and urged the public to research companies online before making a booking.

John de Vial, Abta’s head of financial protection, said: “Our consumer helpline has seen an increase in calls from members of the public who are either checking the validity of a suspicious website or, worse, have already paid by bank transfer and then been fobbed off when trying to get hold of their tickets. We want to make consumers aware of this problem and stop them from being ripped off in this way.”

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