sets out to turn New Year resolutions into travel intentions sets out to turn New Year resolutions into travel intentions has set out to match customers’ New Year resolutions with the perfect place to get away so they can keep them.

The ‘Resolution Translator’ has been devised with advertising agency, Weiden+Kennedy Amsterdam and is part of’s ‘Best 2016 Ever’ campaign. visitors who enter their 2016 vows to the Resolution Translator are offered a unique translated resolution that combines bettering themself with travel.

The user can then share the result across their social channels and any destination relevant to the revamped resolution is available to inspire them to book.

The translator will come up with different suggestions even if the same resolution is entered multiple times.

Pepijn Rijvers, chief marketing officer at, said: “Knowing that the New Year is always a time where people set resolutions of all types – with many inherently linked to travel – we wanted to create something to help people uncover the coolest places to visit and help them make their resolutions a succeed.

“At, we want to go beyond the ordinary and our Resolution Translator is just one way in which we are leveraging the power of technology to help people experience the world.”

Genevieve Hoey, W+K Amsterdam Creative Director, added: “Resolutions are okay. Reservations are fantastic. The Resolution Translator takes the magic of the former and adds it to the latter. It makes bettering yourself better by combining it with travel.”

The Best 2016 Ever campaign launched today across the United States and United Kingdom. Fans can view the commercial on’s YouTube channel and anyone in the world can use the Resolution Translator.

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