Amadeus’s €3.5 billion R&D investment recognised by European Commission

Amadeus’s €3.5 billion R&D investment recognised by European Commission

Amadeus has been ranked first by the European Commission for research and development in the European travel and tourism sector.

The travel technology firm spent €568.4 million on research and development in 2014, taking the total over 10 years from 2004 to €3.5 billion.

Amadeus is the only IT travel industry company included in the global 2,000 companies ranking published by the Commission.

Research and development executive vice president, Herve Couturier, said: “It’s a privilege to receive this recognition from the EC.

“Our R&D team is over 5,000-people strong and between 2004 and the end of 2014 we have invested over €3.5 billion in total R&D across Amadeus.

“However, what is most important is the fact that thanks to these investments we are improving the travel experience – from managing flight disruptions to streamlining the process for booking a passenger’s ticket online. And making this difference is what drives our passion to continue shaping the future of travel.

“We want to be recognised as the best R&D team in travel to support the continued growth of the company.

“At the same time we are driven by our ambition to be the very best in innovation and quality and the most reliable in delivery.

“We are a global team of very talented people that together work to create the solutions our industry and our customers demand.”

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