Nucleus makes P&O Cruises’ website shipshape for mobile devices

Nucleus makes P&O Cruises’ website shipshape for mobile devices

The P&O Cruises website is now fully optimised for mobile devices in response to demand for access while on the move.

Digital brand consultancy Nucleus carried out the work, the firm has been retained by the line to design, develop and support the site since 2010.

P&O Cruises decided to invest in optimising the entire website using responsive design to ensure the user experience was consistently good across all devices, with adaptations only when really required for usability.

This came against a backdrop of growing mobile web traffic and Nucleus’ own mobile web surveys confirming the rapid changes in consumer browsing behaviour,

Pete Burns, the line’s head of digital, said: “We are delighted with this work. It was a huge challenge to get a site as big and complex as ours to work well for mobile but it really holds together well and I am confident it will be well received.”

Nucleus released its ninth wave of research into the mobile web in July that has charted the rise of mobile since 2011, reporting that mobile transactions are growing 551% year-on-year, and now accounting for an average 34.1% of all online travel transactions.

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