Quicket agrees deal to acquire BookitNow’s tech assets

Quicket agrees deal to acquire BookitNow’s tech assets

The technology assets from hotel booking engine BookitNow have been acquired by travel booking app developer Quicket.

The aim of the deal is to strengthen its position in the travel itinerary and planning market.The acquisition will enable Quicket’s users to save money on bookings by using a search engine to locate hotels in and around major airports.

The engine will highlight competitive rates for travellers seeking accommodation during disruptive situations such as during flight cancellations or long delays.

BookitNow’s technology allows travellers direct access to more than 400 hotels in Europe.

It will also give Quicket users the ability to book rooms by the hour for people needing day-time stopovers at short notice.

Quicket has so far received €1 million funding to develop its travel itinerary app since being founded last year.

The company moved its Munich-based operations to Berlin this month to build business links in the German capital as well as to have access to a bigger pool of talent in mobile user acquisition and data analysis.

Co-founder and chief executive, Djois Franklin, said: “Acquiring the technology behind BookitNow will allow our users to book cheap and sometimes free hotels via our app.

“We can now offer users the ability to book hotels at short notice – especially helpful if travellers have to deal with flight cancellations.”

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