Tui trials ‘smart’ wristband with aim of ‘seamless’ in-resort guest experience

Tui trials ‘smart’ wristband with aim of ‘seamless’ in-resort guest experience

Tui Group has begun trials of a new ‘smart’ wristband to help make the guest experience in resort ‘seamless’.The Tui Smartband can be used to access hotel rooms, pay for items around the resort, track spending and control air conditioning in guest rooms.

The wristband, which was developed in collaboration with guest technology managed services provider Quadriga, is currently being trialled by Tui Nordics in a resort in Turkey and one in Kos.

It links up to Tui’s My Holiday app, allowing families to track their spending during a stay, and if deemed successful the technology will be rolled out across the group’s markets.

The UK is expected to be one of the next adopters, possibly as early as summer next year.

Now the season is coming to an end, Tui will be analysing the success of the trial period.

Quadriga is describing the wristband as “the world’s first wearable technology dedicated to creating a seamless holiday experience”.

John Boughton, director of mobile strategy at Tui Group, heads up the team responsible for the new technology at the tour operator’s ‘mobility hub’ in London.

“While some cruise ships have started down this route, we are the first tour operator that is really looked at it,” he said. “We are using technology in a way we believe they aren’t.

“Getting the technology in place was the hard bit – we have had to invent new hardware.

“The Smartband has two Bluetooth chips in it rather than one, which enables it to provide a whole load of features.”

Boughton said so far 98% of customers have reported that they would recommend use of the wristband and that the technology in the app has a 9.2/10 rating.

He said the “primary driver” behind the technology is to “create a better experience for guests than anyone else”.

“That way our customers will come back to us more than they already do,” he said.”

James Cannon, regional director for UK, Ireland and Nordics, said: “The Tui Smartband project not only marks a step change in terms of the guest experience but it also represents a fundamentally new way of addressing the needs of hoteliers and guests.

“The traditional model of purchasing ‘off the shelf’ solutions designed to meet general requirements is challenged by a far more collaborative and ‘outcome focused’ approach, where the needs of the business are front and centre of the design.

“Quadriga now looks forward to continuing our partnership with Tui Group as we further enhance the guest experience and journey through the use of accessible, relevant and reliable technology.”

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