HotelTonight app expands concierge service to UK market

HotelTonight app expands concierge service to UK market

A concierge service is being expanded into the UK by mobile-only, last-minute hotel booking platform HotelTonight.

The Aces option been available in Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Diego since July.

The expansion to London in addition to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver is a direct result of positive feedback from bookers using the service in the US.

Aces connects bookers with a real-life human concierge within the HotelTonight app, via a messenger style interface.

Users are invited to use the service once they check-in and can continue to speak with their ‘Ace’ throughout their stay.

The company’s UK country manager, Tomas Mendoza, said: “We’ve seen hugely positive reactions to Aces in the US and it’s great to be bringing the same fantastic service to our users here in the UK.

“Aces represents a big change in the way that we now support guests for the whole duration of their stay – not just when they book.

“Whilst the way that consumers are booking hotel rooms continues to digitise, there is still a market for the human touch; Aces provides a personalised concierge at our guest’s fingertips – both at the hotel and ahead of check-in.”

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