Oban Digital 2016 travel calendar highlights 220 sales opportunities around the globe

Oban Digital 2016 travel calendar highlights 220 sales opportunities around the globe

Specialist multi-market agency Oban Digital has published a 2016 calendar marking out some of the most important dates for travel firms’ to target in markets around the globe.

The handy guide has been produced to help chief marketing officers within multinational firms better plan their campaigns.

The Oban calendar picks out more than 220 events from around the globe like Día del Niño, Ramadan and Golden Week, which it says can drive travel bookings and sales opportunities.

Greig Holbrook, founder of Oban Digital, said: “Key dates have shown how important they are for both travel and e-commerce, on a global scale.

“Appreciating the importance of local events is just one element of building your understanding of your local audience.

“What search engines they prefer; how they search for travel destinations and brands; what languages they want to communicate in and how they share on social media are all important to developing a successful online presence.”

Oban says ‘Singles’ Day’ has become the biggest consumer event in the world, but it is not the only event driving online retail sales and travel bookings in different countries around the world.

Cyber Monday will see many US consumers booking their travel for the Christmas holiday period.

The Global e-commerce and Online Travel Calendar can be downloaded from Oban’s website.

Delegates at the recent Travel Weekly Business Breakfast, run by Travolution’s sister title, which focused on internationalising travel businesses were given an exclusive first glance at the calendar.

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