Virgin Atlantic goes immersive with Windows 10 virtual experience ‘adventure’ of Upper Class cabin

Virgin Atlantic goes immersive with Windows 10 virtual experience ‘adventure’ of Upper Class cabin

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Virgin Atlantic is using Windows 10 technology to create a virtual experience of its Upper Class cabin so customers can experience it without leaving home.

The carrier has developed Ida, an Immersive Digital Adventure using a Windows 10 universal app, that takes users through the check-in process and on to the aircraft via the Heathrow Clubhouse.

The 360-degree video will be delivered through a headset and a narrator will ‘bring the experience to life’, said Virgin Atlantic.

From this week, the Virgin Atlantic team will be promoting the experience on a Windows 10 Tablet and Phones with their corporate customers.

The airline said it will “revolutionise the approach to trade events and enable customers to become part of the Virgin Atlantic experience from anywhere in the world”.

Reuben Arnold, senior vice-president marketing and customer experience, said, “Our people are our magic element and it’s incredibly important for us to find technology solutions to supercharge them to deliver an even better experience.

“Our ongoing partnership with Microsoft brings together digital expertise and creative storytelling from Microsoft Services. From their early work with envisioning and prototyping all the way through to delivering the experience, the passion for designing and delivering irresistible service was evident.

“Using the Windows 10 platform, Ida will enable our sales experts to deliver strong awareness of our offering through a truly immersive, responsive and unique experience.”

He added: “Windows 10 is better business for us. With a strong partner like Microsoft, we never need to think about the technology. We can tell our story and focus on the customer”.

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president, Windows and Devices Group, said: “Today’s marketing leaders have to go beyond traditional marketing campaigns to reach customers in new and unexpected ways.

“Virgin Atlantic not only embraces that mission, but they’ve embraced technology solutions that make those unexpected moments possible.

“With Windows 10, we helped Virgin Atlantic create an engaging experience that meets business travellers where they are during their work day, whether they’re walking to their office or grabbing lunch, the goal is to surprise and delight them and show them how they can fly in style.”

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