CAA creates web directory to assist disabled passengers

CAA creates web directory to assist disabled passengers

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A single web portal has been created by the Civil Aviation Authority to act as a directory of services for disabled travellers.

The single CAA web page links to the special assistance web pages of all the UK’s airports and major airlines.

The new web directory is part of the regulator’s ‘Your Right to Fly’ initiative, which aims to improve the quality and accessibility of special assistance information for passengers with reduced mobility.

All UK airports and the vast majority of airlines have updated their web pages with more comprehensive information, clearer to understand and accessible just one click away from their website’s homepage.

The CAA also requested last year that websites include a helpline number, so passengers can pre-arrange special assistance and have information on how to complain

Matt Buffey, head of consumer enforcement, said: “It is pleasing to note the quality and accessibility of special assistance information is now much better for all UK airports and UK and international airlines.

“We hope our new directory compliments the changes already made, and means passengers can easily compare the special assistance services at different airports and on different airlines, and make more informed decisions about where they would like to fly from and who they would like to fly with.

“In our role as a consumer champion, we aim to make sure everyone has fair access to air travel and the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience and we will continue our work with industry to make this happen by promoting special assistance and improving the consistency of the service available.”

Under EU regulations passengers with a disability and people with reduced mobility are legally entitled to free special assistance when travelling by air.

This may include help when travelling through an airport, boarding or disembarking an aircraft and during a flight. Passengers must inform their airline of the assistance they require at least 48 hours prior to take off.

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