EXCLUSIVE: Early signs good for revamped Kuoni web site

EXCLUSIVE: Early signs good for revamped Kuoni web site

Kuoni is experiencing an increase in customer conversion of up to 30% following the relaunch of its homepage in April. 

The homepage, designed by Fortune Cookie, aims to better reflect the brand’s luxury qualities and the idea of travel experiences as opposed to package holidays.

The homepage is now the base for all searches and the operator has improved the facility by highlighting theme-based holidays as well as the best time of year to travel.

Since redesign use of the search facility has increased by 20% and exits from the homepage have decreased 28%.

In addition, the proportion of consumers searching by holiday type has risen to 86%.

Elinor Hardman, Fortune Cookie’s head of experience architecture said: “It enables customers to do initial research according to the elements that are most important to them, such as when and where they would like to go, what sort of holiday they would like and the type of hotel they would like to stay in.”

The enhancements were implemented after extensive user testing to discover what elements people think about when planning a holiday.

The inclusion of more inspirational product details has improved the experience and shortened the user journey leading to the increase in conversions with bookings up 14%.

Matt Rooke, Kuoni’s e-Business director said: “The developments are the start of a long term process to re-position Kuoni as a lifestyle brand.  The early results of this work have proved very encouraging, giving us conviction to pursue the route we are taking.”

The next phase of development includes new landing pages within the site informing customers much more about the country or type of holiday they are interested in.

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