WTM 2015: Intuitive poised for new tour operating tech launch as it targets UK growth

WTM 2015: Intuitive poised for new tour operating tech launch as it targets UK growth

Intuitive is poised to roll out new tour operating technology for its iVector platform that will enable customers to put together complex multi-component itineraries.

The Croydon-based travel software specialist will also rein in proactive attempts to grow business from overseas customers and instead focus on the UK market and serving its existing customers better.

Paul Nixon, managing director, said the tour operating module is due to go live with a launch customer in mid December and will enable customers to book components like car hire, excursions, restaurant bookings and insurance along with key the holiday components.

“IVector has always had the flexibility to book these things but it’s not had the user interface. It’s really about bringing all of that together in one place; complex itinerary building with quoting and customer management.

“Most customers either sell hotel-only or hotel, flight and transfer, fairly simple holidays, this enables much more complex itineraries. From a technology perspective we have all that product in the system, what makes tour building hard from a sales perspective is bringing all that together in one single package.”

Nixon said the new functionality opens up a new sector for Intuitive as it looks to bring on 10 to 15 clients next year, mainly niche tour operators, adding to the 35 customers currently using Intuitive technology.

However the focus for winning new business next year will be on the UK after the firm decided to wind down ambitions for growth overseas.

“We will try to do two things: leverage the new functionality for tour operators in the UK and focus more on existing customers. It’s really just a change of focus. Out proactive efforts will be UK tour operators.”

Nixon said Intuitive was likely to return to targeting overseas markets in the future to drive growth but that in the mean time it will say no to clients who come to it from outside its core market. He said this would improve operational functionality.

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