WTM 2015: Digital Trip rolls out mobile, booking, virtual assistant and inspiration tools

WTM 2015: Digital Trip rolls out mobile, booking, virtual assistant and inspiration tools

Digital Trip has unveiled a new mobile platform, a simplified B2B agent booking platform, an inspiration tool based on destinations and a virtual travel assistant.

The Bournemouth-based travel technology specialist is promoting developments of its technology at this week’s World Travel Market in London.

Digital Trip specialises in affordable technology to allow smaller travel firms to operate like, and potentially compete with, bigger players with deeper pockets.

Darren Swan, technology director, said the virtual assistant unveiled at WTM allows travel agents to offer a 24/7 service without having to be open all day every day, or have people manning phones or live chat.

The system seeks answers to customer questions by integrating with a client’s FAQs, or with destination information so that an answer can be provided automatically to often asked or straight forward questions.

“More and more people have been putting live chat on to websites so this was see as the next logical step. What can they do when the office is closed? With this they can still have that interaction with the customer,” Swan said.

The virtual assistant can work alongside another new product being offered by Digital Trip, a ‘geo inspirator’ which allows customers to provide website visitors who do not know where they want to travel to destination information that might inspire them.

The inspirator asks simple questions to part qualify the query and then present the most relevant information from destination guides available to that firm.

Both the virtual assistant and the geo-inspirator options are paid for upgrades to the Digital Trip system.

A new mobile platform from Digital Trip will allow customers to create mobile optimised pages when they create desk top versions without having to duplicate effort. Previously the desk top and mobile systems were separate.

Club Travel, based in Ireland is poised to launch on the new platform which is already being used by NCL Tours and Curban Travel. Existing clients are being given the opportunity to upgrade while new customers will be put on the new platform.

The new mobile platform provides a full dynamic packaging solution including all holiday components, not just flights and accommodation, and it allows a much greater degree of customisation for customers.

Digital Trip’s new agent booking system has been customised for B2B users. Swan said it is a stripped down version of the consumer system enabling agents to package a holiday and complete the booking including altering prices to manage margins all on one page.

The new system also allows more options for site branding so agents can design bespoke pages for certain product like ski or cruise, changing colour schemes and adding telephone numbers and tailoring content specific to the sector.

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