OTA Logitravel set to abolish flight booking fees

OTA Logitravel set to abolish flight booking fees

European OTA Logitravel is eliminating service fees on the sale of flights.

It now offers its online search and booking engine for flights free of charge as part of as part of a “customer outreach strategy”.

The plans to incorporate further services such as cancellation insurance, lost luggage insurance, and assistance in destination, in addition to automatic management of boarding passes that will be sent directly by email.

Tomeu Bennasar, general director of Logitravel.co.uk, said: “Our commitment to transparency is unquestionable. We believe it is essential to be competitive but at the same time maintain customer loyalty.

“We have now spent years showing the final flight price right from the beginning, without adding any hidden costs to our customers and now we want to take it a step further by eliminating service fees.

“The ultimate goal is to retain existing customers and also attract new clients.”

He added: “Our optimisaton strategy is now based on a package of optional services that we offer the customer at the end of the booking process.”

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