Moxie Software’s new solution lets businesses staff their ‘online storefronts’

Moxie Software’s new solution lets businesses staff their ‘online storefronts’

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Moxie Software has launched a new digital suite of products that enable businesses to staff their ‘online storefronts’.

Travel is one of Moxie’s biggest customer groups, and it provides solutions to firms from Saga to Sandals Resorts.

By uniting Moxie’s live chat, knowledge and email solutions with analytics and intelligent decisioning, the new suite makes it easier for businesses to anticipate customer intent and engage with the right customer at the right time through the appropriate communication channel.

This engagement in turn is intended to lead to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Rebecca Ward, chief executive of Moxie, said: “Customers show up at an online storefront, and they are left to fend for themselves.

“It’s no surprise that it’s been 20 years after the birth of e-commerce, and online experience remains flat and conversion rates remain stubbornly low.”

Ingrid Mignott, director of information technology at Unique Vacations, an affiliate of the worldwide representative for Sandals Resorts, said: “Our customers are increasingly making their travel arrangements to our exclusive destinations and world-class resorts online.

“To better assist them, we need to rely on technologies that meet our customers’ expectations.

“Moxie has helped us better our conversion rates and total customer value by allowing us to connect in real-time with our digital customers just as we do when they are guests at our resorts.”

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