Price dominates travel purchase decision

Consumers have cited price, departure date and a holiday company’s reputation as the most important factors when booking a holiday according to new research.

The study carried out on more than 2,000 consumers this month by market research firm eDigitalResearch revealed 100% of respondents feel price is the most important factor, followed by other issues.

In terms of purchase patterns almost 94% said they researched holidays online with about 26% using a travel agent and when it came to booking about 75% said they went online and almost 28% used a travel agent.

About 60% of consumers also said they preferred putting together their own holidays to package holidays.

The research also showed flying is still the preferred method of travel despite oil prices and the environmental concerns.

On a wider scale, external factors such as the credit crunch, rising oil prices and environmental issues are not affecting most consumers’ holiday plans this year.

The study showed people continue to travel for the same duration and spend as much as before the threat of economic downturn.

Of the sample roughly 70% said plans had not changed. Of the remaining portion 19% said they had opted for a cheaper holiday while others cited reasons such as ill-health, new babies, changing jobs, time-share and staying with friends to explain why plans had changed.

eDigitalResearch has recently signed deals to track consumer behaviour with Dragoman Overland and CC Africa.

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