Opodo in major upgrade to air product

Opodo is to launch a million pound online and offline marketing campaign to support a major overhaul to its online air product functionality.

A suite of five enhancements are designed to improve user experience and pitch the company as more of a traditional travel agent online.

New features include technology enabling consumers to use a graph to see the average fare price to a destination compared to the airline of their choice as well as showing them the fare difference if they travel on a different date.

Meanwhile, Opodo CheckFlight technology will highlight the cheapest flight to consumers who frequently travel to a destination while also enabling them to see news about their destination and book excursions.

UK head of marketing Paul Treanor said: “Some people come to the site, want to book a flight and want us out of the way while others want us to fill the gap for them.”

The remaining initiatives promoted in the campaign include the EscapeMap software introduced late last year as well as technology allowing consumers to see the options of flying with one airline on the outbound journey and a different one inbound.

Treanor said: “To find that without Opodo you would have to open up a myriad of screens, find a flight, book it and hope that the other was still available. We do all that, bring it together and you’re dealing with a single payment and one company.

“We’re acting much more like a travel agent who is sitting with a customer and that’s what the campaign is all about.”

The final enhancement, Opodo FlexiFlight, shows consumers price differences if they are prepared to be flexible with their dates.

The marketing campaign includes national press, London Underground advertising as well as CPM activity, website homepage takeovers and marketing through specific travel sites.

Mediacom North is the planning and buying agency for the campaign while ClickTag is responsible for creative.

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