Huge web surge to during 2006 terror alerts

Details have emerged of how much web traffic British Airways was forced to cope with during the terrorist alerts in the summer of 2006.

The airline website received a massive 15 times its normal traffic levels as government restrictions over luggage were imposed overnight on 10 August 2006.

Rightnow Technologies, which provided software systems for the airline in order to cope with surges in traffic, said found itself inundated with 1.5 million hits to its Latest Flight Information page in the 24 hours following the arrests of a suspected terror cell in London.

The recent debacle over the opening of T5 at London Heathrow Airport is understood to have seen lower traffic levels to the main website.

Claire Barlow, email consultant for’s database and operations, said: “We need to ensure that we are fully informing our customers at all times and therefore providing a better experience.

“Obviously it is not ideal when restrictions have to be put in place but our goal is to limit confusion and frustration with consistent and effective communication to customers.”

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