WAYN boasts carbon footprint success

WAYN.com has received a massive response to its campaign aimed at getting people to reduce their carbon footprint.

The campaign, which was launched about five weeks ago and gave members 12 steps to reduce the impact of carbon emissions, attracted more than 54,000 people to sign up to it who between them made more than 600,000 environmentally-friendly pledges. 

WAYN estimates that if all 54,000 people took the step of off-setting their flights, it would equate to a possible saving of almost 13.5k tonnes of CO2 – or 17,889 return flights from London to New York.

More than 90% of respondents committed to each of the 12 steps, which include using less water, walking more and encouraging others to conserve energy.

WAYN founder Jerome Touze said he expected the number of pledges to hit a million by the middle of May.

The social networking site launched its own flight offset scheme before Christmas in partnership with Carbon Footprint.

The environmental campaign was launched in response to requests from members that the site highlight the issue of global warming.

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