Travelport eyes 2009 for G2 Switchworks push in the UK

Travelport is expecting the benefits of its recent acquisition of elements of G2 Switchworks to be felt in the UK market by the first quarter of 2009.

President and chief executive Gordon Wilson said Travelport could have developed the technology itself but the acquisition would accelerate existing plans to improve the GDS desktop systems. 

The news comes as Travelport confirms it is exploring ways to add carbon tracking for hotels to the next phase of its Carbon Tracker tool.

The technology, which was unveiled by Galileo’s parent company this week, enables the corporate travel world to calculate its carbon footprint for travel by air, rail and car hire.

Gordon Wilson, president and chief executive of Travelport GDS said the company anticipated a good take-up of the system because of the attention already being paid to environmental issues in the boardroom.

“They have environmental and social reporting in their financial reports but at the moment they are running blind,” said Wilson.

Carbon Tracker provides companies with a way to calculate their carbon footprint for journeys of under two-and-a-half hours.

He added that over time the level carbon emitted per journey would significantly influence travel policy.

He also said the company was keen to plug into any one with the capability to track carbon in hotels but that as yet no consistent standard exists.

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