Travelport’s debut video advert attempts to explain its commercial value

Travelport’s debut video advert attempts to explain its commercial value

Travel commerce platform Travelport has launched its first ever advertising video as part of a campaign to demonstrate the brand’s commercial value to the industry.

Following an 18-month branding project by UK design agency Purple Creative, the ‘We’re There’ commercial was premiered at Travelport’s UK offices in Langley and Swindon earlier this month.

The aim of the video is to explain the company’s proposition to global audiences in a way that taps into the emotional benefits of what it does and how it “keeps the travel industry connected and travellers moving”.

Gordon Nardini, senior director, marketing at Travelport, whose customers include more than 400 airlines and 67,000 travel agencies, said: “Purple has helped us create a brand that differentiates us both visually and verbally in our industry.

“The commercial is a marketing tool that the whole of the business will benefit from – not only in helping us explain the value that our platform brings to the travel industry, but also the very human side of our business, which is about helping people to get wherever they need to be all around the world, for a huge range of reasons.”

The commercial will be seeded with target customers from all of Travelport’s key business areas through a LinkedIn campaign and B2B travel publications.

All of the company’s teams have also been given resources to share the commercial with their own contacts, customers and prospects.

Penni Hardy, senior manager, global brand, Travelport, said: “Travelport believes passionately in getting the best brains together, and this commercial has been a creative collaboration between the brand teams in Langley and Atlanta, the team at Purple Creative and Connected Pictures.

“Everyone who has been involved has made their mark and we’re very proud of not only the final film, but also the way we have all worked together to make it happen.”

Andy Harding, founding partner of Purple Creative, added: “It’s been a fascinating challenge to distil what Travelport does.

“We started with a blank piece of paper in 2013 and spoke to hundreds of experts within Travelport’s business to help us establish a new corporate philosophy for the brand that would reinforce its position in the travel space.

“It’s really helped Travelport stand out from the competition, in a sector that previously had very little brand differentiation.

“To support the positioning, we also created a new visual identity that stretched across all Travelport channels, and delivered compelling messages about the business, its customers and the sophisticated technologies involved.”

He continued: “Travelport does so many vital things simultaneously, connecting so many people all across the world – it’s no small feat to explain that in a few minutes of film.”

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