Rise of ad-blocking software ‘will force advertisers to be smarter’

Rise of ad-blocking software ‘will force advertisers to be smarter’

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The rise of advertising blocking technology, particularly on mobile, will force firms to develop more-relevant and less-intrusive campaigns.

It is estimated that 90% of global profit made through retailing on mobile comes through Apple devices, but the technology giant isincreasingly allowing users to block ads.

Apple’s latest release of its iOS9 operating system supported ad blocking for its Safari web browser and saw ad blocker apps shoot to thetop of rankings in the App Store.

Aaron Ritoper, Sojern’s strategic partnerships director for the EMEA and APAC regions, said: “It’s a broad industry question; the wholeeconomy of the internet is based on advertising.

“There will be solutions because all the economic models rely on funding these services that everyone’s using through advertising.

“It’s more about respecting the consumer and providing messages that they need to see in the right context.

We are going to get smarter about how we deliver ads so they are not as annoying.

We are still learning about the formats to make this non-intrusive for consumers.”

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