Sojern urges travel firms to make site ads more relevant

Sojern urges travel firms to make site ads more relevant

Travel companies should be striving to serve fewer online ads, while ensuring those that are delivered are more relevant.

Aaron Ritoper of Sojern said: “We are using new-generation technology to extract economic value from vast quantities of data.

“This is really about serving less ads but more relevant ads to the right people. We are making certain traditional marketing techniques obsolete.”

Ritoper, Sojern’s strategic partnerships director for the EMEA and APAC regions, said old-fashioned segment marketing means it is impossible todistinguish between people who look the same based on traditional demographics but in fact behave very differently.

“The problem is if you drive ads based on demographic segmentation you are going to miss [the different ways in which] people buy travel and what weare each interested in,” he said.

“If you look at individual behaviour you can serve much more focused, relevant and smart advertising.”

Ritoper added: “You begin to have some basis to plan more effective spend on marketing. That becomes extremely powerful and flexible, and offers a number of opportunities to reach people.”

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