Excite Holiday’s new tool lets agents vary commission levels

Excite Holiday’s new tool lets agents vary commission levels

Agents are being given the power and flexibility to tailor their bookings to meet the requirements of each client with a new online tool.

FlexiComm from web-based wholesaler Excite Holidays allows agents to adjust their commission, not just during the search process, but also at the time of payment.

This means that travel consultants can set their own selling price, giving them “ultimate flexibility”.

They will also be able to control the profitability of each booking by setting their own gross rate at the time of payment.

FlexiComm has been developed to seamlessly integrate into the wholesaler’s current booking process.

Nic Stavropoulos, founder and chief executive of Excite, said: “Our agents told us they wanted more flexibility, simplicity and the power to be more competitive. We listened to what they had to say and put our team of developers to work on what we believe to be our most innovative tool yet – FlexiComm.

“As part of our ‘made for agents’ philosophy, we believe FlexiComm empowers travel consultants with the tools they need to completely customise their sell price based on their client, and the competition.”

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