Jet2 signs up for Akamai’s Ion content delivery platform

Jet2 signs up for Akamai’s Ion content delivery platform and Jet2holidays have renewed a web content deal for an extra three years with Akamai Technologies.

The agreement follows the sister businesses having upgraded to the next generation delivery platform, Akamai Ion.This allows them to maximise content delivery across different devices including mobiles.

The original implementation of Akamai web performance solutions in 2012 allowed both brands to offload the vast majority of end user requests away from their origin infrastructure instead of investing in an expensive and time consuming data centre upgrade.

The two companies have benefited from up to five times the speed of their origin web infrastructure, while delivering personalised content to customers. and Jet2holidays IT business systems manager, Allan Crisp, said: “The main issue for us was to be able to support the fast expansion of our online business.

“We regularly run TV advertising that generates big traffic peaks which were becoming very challenging for our existing infrastructure to deal with.

“We knew that the number of online visitors would continue to increase so we had to consider how we could gain the bandwidth and server support we needed without investing in new equipment.

“In particular, judging by traffic trends, we anticipated that we would have to invest in larger network connections into our data centres which would have been a huge financial consideration.

“Moving onto the Akamai platform enabled us to gain that capacity; it’s fully scalable and it simplifies maintenance.”

He added: “We are currently offloading upwards of 50% of traffic from and 75% from Jet2holidays and customer feedback in relation to performance has been positive. We have been very happy with the way that the Akamai platform performs, particularly the way it can scale when we are hitting our highest peaks.

“With significant growth forecast for the next few years, the renewal of our agreement will allow us to continue this growth with Akamai’s support.”

Akami UK and Ireland regional sales manager, Alex Keith, said: “ and Jet2holidays are highly valued customers and we are delighted that our agreement will continue for another three years.

“The investment required to keep up with online demands is always challenging for fast growing organisations like and Jet2holidays.

“The combination of optimisation and acceleration technologies that we can offer as part of the Akamai web performance solution will enable them to continue to grow and deliver dynamic, content-rich and responsive experiences to their customers.”

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