Travelport seals TraviAustria acquisition deal

Travelport seals TraviAustria acquisition deal

Travelport has taken over TraviAustria, its distributor in Austria, for an undisclosed sum.

In addition to providing local sales, support and marketing activity for the Travelport travel commerce platform to travel agencies in Austria, TraviAustria built and operates one of the largest tour operator booking platforms in central Europe, called CETS.

CETS is used by 2,500 travel agencies in 12 European countries and provides real time access and booking for the products of some 140 service providers, in addition to the 400 airlines, more than 650,000 hotels and other content that Travelport provides.

Both TraviAustria and the CETS platform are now wholly owned by Travelport.

TraviAustria was founded in 1987 by Austrian Airlines, an original shareholder in the predecessor company of Travelport.

Gordon Wilson, president and chief executive of Travelport, said: “Vertically integrating one of our few remaining third party distributors in Europe, enables Travelport to operate more efficiently and to enhance our presence and customer relationships in Austria.

“Moreover, in this particular case, we have also acquired ownership of a significant tour operator distribution capability as an adjunct to our travel commerce platform and the revenues that go with this.

“The agreement will offer us further synergies with the German company, travel-IT which operates in the same space and in which we invested earlier this year.”

Rudolf Mertl, chief executive of TraviAustria, said: “We see this acquisition as a very positive move for our customers.

“Now with the full backing of Travelport, we will be better placed to take advantage of the considerable opportunities that we see ahead of us in the region.”

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