Epsilon releases digital travel trends report as it eyes growth in Europe

Epsilon releases digital travel trends report as it eyes growth in Europe

Leading global marketing firm Epsilon has produced a first report for the European market as it looks to build on its established position in the US travel sector.

With a dedicated EMEA team now in place the firm, which claims to provide marketing support 15 of the top 20 global brands, has released ‘Welcome to a new kind of customer journey’ looking at the latest digital trends in travel.

The report draws on data and analysis from numerous sources and identifies four distinct personas among travel consumers: Proficient travellers; Moderate Travellers; Mature Leisure Travellers; and Newbie Travellers.

Epsilon says: “In the travel industry, customers and prospects include people of all ages, across many walks of life who are travelling for a variety of reasons. They’re all different individuals with unique needs, priorities, expectations and preparation timeframes.”

The report sets out the importance for travel firms of using data to inspire and tailor product to customer needs, become a part of their life on social media, engage via mobile devices and owning the customer experience.

Carolyn Corda, vice president of industry strategy, travel and hospitality at Epsilon, said: “Companies who are winning in this new environment are using strong design and communication strategies. They create one-of-a-kind experiential moments that meet the needs of customers when they travel. By tapping into their customer’s desire to take part in exclusive activities that they can discuss on social media, leading brands are nurturing relationships, building loyalty and increasing their bottom line.”

The report concludes that travel firms need to focus on five key areas:

Maintaining a high degree of relevance to customers; building relationships at scale, offering a seamless experience, being inherently mobile and harnessing social media.

The report can be accessed from Epsilon’s website.

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