TPConnects unveils new aggregator platform based on NDC standards

TPConnects unveils new aggregator platform based on NDC standards

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Technology solutions provider TPConnects is set to launch a new travel aggregator platform based on Iata’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) XML-based distribution standard, for both airlines and travel companies.

The technology will enable airlines to distribute the same varied content as on their websites to travel agents, including preferred meals, duty free products and chauffeur services.

A Middle Eastern airline will be the product’s launch carrier, which TPConnects claims supports easy integration of existing systems through multiple sales channels.

Kristine Fernandez, director business development at TPConnects, said: “As airlines work with their travel partners to bring IATA’s NDC to life in a bid to ensure their products are fully visible and can be distributed across all channels, TPConnects has moved a step further bringing a new paradigm that would eventually give airlines the opportunity to adopt an Amazon-type retail model with personalisation.”

TPConnects says travel sellers will be able to compare products and maximize their revenue by selling ancillary revenues in addition to the airline seats.

They will be able to sell Wi-Fi and duty free products and earn commission out of this in addition to event and show tickets.

TPConnects’ basic package includes flights, hotel stays, car hire, insurance and ancillary revenue integrated with multiple aggregators, global distribution systems and airline passenger service Systems.

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