Zolv creates white label marketing solution for Advantage

Zolv creates white label marketing solution for Advantage

A marketing landing page has been created for the Advantage Travel Partnership to work across all required white-label websites.

This enables Advantage to manage direct mail, door drop and email campaigns on behalf of members.

All offers featured in a campaign are uploaded to the system, and the customer is directed to the landing page on the member’s website.

The initiative comes as part of a deal with travel technology firm Zolv to deliver a white-label solution to agents, providing Advantage members with their own branded websites to generate holiday enquiries.

Each member has the ability to control and adapt their content to exhibit their individual personality and specialist knowledge, from a type of holiday such as cruises, city breaks, ski holidays, or expertise of certain geographic locations.

Individual staff quotes appear on the relevant pages showcasing their expertise and inviting the website visitor to submit an email enquiry to them.

These features, and the ability to create blogs, share on social media, and a meet-the-team feature, aim to bring the member’s profile and personality to life.

Destination content is provided through Word Travels, giving information about the location as well as useful advice such as health, tipping, local customs and visas.

Members can also select which operators they wish to feature holiday offers from on their website.

Zolv project delivery manager, Tom Hope, said: “We’re really pleased with the final outcome from all the hard work that has been put in by both the Zolv, and the Advantage team.

“It’s fantastic to see more and more members sign up to have new sites created through the white-label solution.

“We are looking forward to working with Advantage to add and deliver even more features to the solution that their members can benefit from.”

Carolyn Hardy, marketing manager at Advantage, added: “We are all about delivering added value to our members and our white-label website solution is a key element of this strategy.

“The websites look great and we are proactively working with members to help them get the most out of their site in regards to driving traffic to it and generating holiday enquiries.

“This is an ongoing process and the more we learn about what works the better advice we can offer to all our members in regards to their online marketing activities as well as developing the platforms functionality to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world.”

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