Traveldoo enhances mobile expenses app

Traveldoo enhances mobile expenses app

French travel and expense management technology specialist Traveldoo has updated its mobile app.

The app enables business travellers to capture expenses on the go through geolocation, voice control and digital receipts, eliminating the need for any manual typed entries and “significantly improving” the expense reporting experience.

The first new feature is an automated VAT calculation, allowing the user to validate pre-calculated VAT amounts, or modify them directly on their smartphone or tablet.

The second addition is a summary view through “Expense Card”, providing users with a visual summary of a registered expense, including the expense type, location, total amount, VAT rate and amount, merchant address and digital receipt.

The Traveldoo Expense Check-out, which uses geolocation, has been further extended to enable users to search a merchant or a place by address, and to filter them by category.

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