Borders set for in-store online search and booking pods

Wiley Travel has created an online travel search and booking system for use in kiosks in Borders bookstores.

The company’s web services arm WhatsOnWhen and guide publishing division Frommers have united to provide content and functionality for screen units in selected shops, initially in the US.

The system allows customers to browse events and a calendar of festivals worldwide as well as destination features in 100 locations.

The cornerstone of the service will be a Trip Recommender system to provide ideas for customers based on specific search criteria such as type and time of year, using a navigable world map and a series of drop-down menus.

Booking facilities are also set to be included in the system.

WhatsOnWhen director Joel Brandon-Bravo said: “This ‘Trip Recommender’ has huge potential for the UK travel industry. Many companies tell us they find it difficult to segment their products to lead customers to the right holiday/flight/accommodation.

“This is a swifter, more intuitive version than anything else on the market.”

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