Skypicker pays customers €100k after Ryanair cancels route

Skypicker pays customers €100k after Ryanair cancels route

European low-cost air tickets search engine Skypicker has paid back more than €100,000 in compensation to customers left in the lurch when Ryanair ceased one of its routes.

Ryanair’s decision to cancel its Copenhagen to Warsaw route, from mid-July, affected almost 400 passengers.

If passengers cannot catch connecting flights because of delays or cancellations, Skypicker’s guarantee means they are paid back for the flight tickets between the cities and for all other connecting flights, or alternatives are found.

Regarding the cancellation, co-founder and chief executive of Skypicker, Oliver Dlouhý, said: “Such situations sometimes occur and the airline’s response by default is that customers will be paid back the full amount of the ticket price.

“But problems arise if a customer buys more tickets of interconnected flights.

“Typical customers of Skypicker buy more tickets, often tickets from different airlines that are interconnected.

“Cancelling a single route has a direct impact on hundreds other connecting flights. And there is no standard compensation for such delays and cancellations.”

Skypicker had 357 customers who had bought the Ryanair flights.

Dlouhý continued: “Skypicker sells flights mostly in the package of connected flights. If such a package fails due to one flight, the entire travel plan collapses.

“That is why Skypicker guarantees to give money back for the whole trip.” focuses on finding unique flight connections and quotations of tickets convenient for passengers.

“From the beginning we did not see Skypicker simply as a ticket seller, but as a service,” said Dlouhý.

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