Viral Twitter chat inspires Hostelworld Chris Eubank/Alan Partridge YouTube promo

Viral Twitter chat inspires Hostelworld Chris Eubank/Alan Partridge YouTube promo

Online booking website Hostelworld hopes to have an internet sensation on their hands having seized on former boxer Chris Eubank’s curious link with budget leisure accommodation.

The former WBO Middleweight World Champion was once mentioned in an edition of hit comedy sitcom Alan Partridge that was first aired in 1997.

The main protagonist – the fictional washed-up TV and radio presenter from Norwich played by Steve Coogan – posited the idea of a television show entitled ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’ when desperately pitching ideas to a BBC producer.

Eighteen years on and wags on Twitter started a discussion which went viral about whether Eubank would consider fronting a programme about youth hostelling, much to the bemusement of the former boxer.

Hostelworld and the Youth Hostelling Association (YHA) seized on this, and a matter of weeks later produced a suitably funny video featuring Eubank checking out a genuine hostel in his home town of Brighton, YHA’s flagship property in the southeast.

As of writing the 55 second YouTube film ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’ had been viewed 160,000 times, so is not a massive hit yet, but it is getting plenty of mainstream media attention.

YHA said the film is designed to showcase modern day youth hostels, following a £33 million investment in the YHA (England and Wales) network since 2010.

Christopher Livingston Eubank, also known as English, said: “I am delighted to be linked to YHA because I am not an actor and everything seen was most sincere.

“Indeed, the hostel was splendid, extraordinary and I’m very pleased to be introduced to this youth hostel world of accommodation, which is, for me, an absolute revelation.

“I danced and sang with genuine joy in my heart as is evident when watching the video. With a wry smile, I say this could be a potential case of farewell to the 5-star properties I have known and enjoyed.

“The social media reaction has been fantastic and stupendous and I’m humbled by the overwhelming interest, response and very kind, positive comments. Simply put, I remain humbled.”

Caroline White, chief executive of YHA (England and Wales), said: “We love the film and everything it represents. Naturally it’s all very tongue in cheek but what a fantastic way to spread the YHA message to even more young people and their families.”

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