Devicescape deal takes iPass’ Wi-Fi network to 50 million hotspots

Devicescape deal takes iPass’ Wi-Fi network to 50 million hotspots

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Commercial Wi-Fi network iPass has partnered with Devicescape, taking its coverage to more than 50 million hotspots worldwide.

Under the terms of the alliance iPass will integrate the Wi-Fi software development company’s Devicescape Curated Virtual Network (CVN) into its global network.

Devicescape is available in hotels, airports, cafes, retail outlets and many more venues where people congregate and travel.

Chief executive of iPass, Gary Griffiths, said: “With the launch of the iPass Unlimited Wi-Fi service in April, we opened up the opportunity to be everywhere.

“With this partnership with Devicescape, and other network partnerships signed, we in fact will have more than doubled our presence by the end of this quarter.

“Coupled with our developing product features offering invisible connectivity, our alliance with Devicescape is significant not only in moving iPass customers closer to ubiquitous connectivity, but also in setting the stage for global Wi-Fi accessibility for the Internet of Things.”

Devicescape’s curation process uses crowd-sourcing to discover the best available amenity Wi-Fi locations.

Chief executive, Dave Fraser, said: “Today’s end users just want connectivity – and a network of 50 million hotspots offers connectivity on a truly extraordinary scale.

“We are thrilled to be contributing our CVN to an undertaking of such ambition. We look forward to working with iPass to take this network well past what is already a very significant milestone.”

Griffiths continued: “We’re proud to soon be able to offer our customers access to over 50 million hotspots around the globe.

“With a global population of over 7 billion data-hungry people, and estimates of over 28 billion smart devices in use by 2020, seamless global connectivity delivered via a standard format and user experience will be fundamental.”

For the period of this agreement, iPass will have limited exclusivity to Devicescape’s assets.

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