‘First global airport app’ launches with Skyscanner’s backing

‘First global airport app’ launches with Skyscanner’s backing

A group of entrepreneurs have launched what they are describing as the “first global airport app” and have named Skyscanner as the launch sponsor.

In addition to free, one-click Wi-Fi access, FLIO offers airport information, ‘insider tips’ and exclusive retail offers for airports around the world.

The free app – which was launched for iOS devices this week – was produced by Air Media Solutions, which was founded in London in January.

It was developed by Stephan Uhrenbacher, founder of Qype and 9flats.com, Andy Watson – who helped grow Spotify across the UK – and Ken Knoll.

An Android version is due to launch later in the year.

At present FLIO supports more than 20 airport Wi-Fi networks, with an aim to expand to 200 airports within the next three months.

Additions to the app will include the ability to book airport-related services, including access to security fast track, lounges and transportation.

Skyscanner will serve as FLIO’s launch co-marketing sponsor and the two will cross promote their services through their respective platforms.

Uhrenbacher, chief executive of FLIO, said: “As a frequent flyer I wanted something to take the stress out of my time at the airport and to help me locate the information and services I cared about.

“FLIO was born out of the desire to make the entire airport experience better, and in developing the app, we considered travellers’ every need from the moment they step foot in the airport.”

Ben Deller, head of UK marketing and global digital at World Duty Free, said: “We wanted to partner with FLIO because the app, like our business, is global, and their mobile platform will allow us to push tailored offers in real-time to flyers.”

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