Business travellers revealed as prime target for online marketers in ADARA study

Business travellers revealed as prime target for online marketers in ADARA study

Companies looking to market high value products should target business travellers.

That is the finding of a study by travel intelligence provider ADARA, which revealed that four in five business travellers do more than half of their shopping online and are three and a half times more likely to have spent more than $1,000 online in the past six months, compared to non-travellers.

The study, which involved data mining ADARA’s billions of transactions from the past six months as well as a survey of 1,200 adults in the UK and US also found a business traveller preference for high value items including wearable devices, personal insurance and electric or hybrid vehicles.

ADARA reports that at least 90% of business travellers rely on smartphones and tablets to complete a purchase and the time business travellers spend online on mobile devices is 40% higher than the general population.

The study also found that 68% of business travellers regularly use social media.

Elizabeth Harz, president of media at ADARA, said: “Business travellers are a desirable target group for marketers looking to promote higher value products.

“They are twice as likely as the average consumer to earn salaries over $100,000 and rely on online media much more heavily when making purchase decisions.

“Having a clear understanding of how to engage this group with online content and when the best time is to capture their attention can yield significant impact for marketers.”

ADARA found that connected technologies hold a particular appeal to the business traveller market and marketing should be targeted accordingly.

A total of 13% of business travellers own a wearable device and 22% plan to buy one in the next six months, compared to 8% and 13% of leisure travellers respectively.

A total of 74% of business travellers have purchased luxury goods in the last thirty days, compared to 48% of leisure travellers.

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