Newlook Jetset booking system revealed

Newlook Jetset booking system revealed

Trade-only consolidator Jetset has overhauled its JETS booking system to provide “just what agents need in one place”.

After receiving feedback from agents at Christmas that JETS needed to become “more of a visual selling tool”, Jetset embarked on developing a new log-in site in-house, which went live on Tuesday.

Sales director Adrian Smyth said Jetset, which works exclusively with the trade, consulted agents during the development process and held pilot runs with them once the system was up and running, which received “brilliant” feedback.

“It was important for JETS to cut through all the different options and to present just what the agent wants,” said Smyth.

“Although it has only been live a few days, our booking volumes are already up about 10% on the corresponding days last year which is very exciting.”

Finance director, David Plume, added: “The feedback at Christmas suggested that it would be brilliant if there was a single platform that provided a one-stop shop.

“We decided which sites we would connect to based on which sites add the most value to an agent. I think the ones we went for deserve their place.”

As well as aesthetically updating the system – including a colour personalisation option – JETS’ home screen has a new layout.

A ‘toolbox’ section on the left allows agents to manage their commission, incentives and discounts as well as view bookings and options and even check Jetset lotto numbers. The toolbox stays on the screen throughout the booking process.

An ‘information’ section on the right hand side of the screen includes feeds relating to local travel, travel news and weather and a currency converter.

“These are not gimmicks,” said Smyth. “We think they are genuinely really useful for agents.”

Jetset’s product sections – flights, Package Pal, cars and hotels can be booked as standalone items or as part of a basket booking.

The sections have also been individually refreshed and simplified and a new feature called Snap Shot added to the booking process, which shows a maximum of three prices grouped into categories including ‘lowest price’ and ‘lowest direct price’.

“It predicts what an agent wants to see,” said Smyth.

The ‘booking basket’ feature has also been amended, making it simpler to add items and the layout easier to understand.

To promote the updated portal Jetset has taken out print advertising and has created a video showcasing the new product, which it hopes will be shared among the trade.

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