AffiliateFuture develops ad tracking system

AffiliateFuture has created a new method of tracking online user behaviour as concerns increase amongst consumers and marketers over the existing cookie system.

The affiliate network’s VeraciTag system works by storing anonymous tracking information in the web browser of the user’s computer.

The tags cannot be blocked in the same way cookies can, allowing merchants to track anonymous transactional information but protect the user’s privacy.

The VeraciTag system is being installed across the AF network with immediate effect and currently patent pending in the UK and US.

It is claimed the new system will allow free sites funded by affiliate marketing – a vast number of which are in the travel sector – to restore some of the growth they have experienced in years.

The company believes many such sites are experiencing a downturn in income resulting from the inability to track those transactions where the consumers – by blocking cookies – sever the link between affiliate and merchant.

AffiliateFuture chief executive Maz Darvish said: “This unique tracking system is a significant milestone in the on-going development of the AffiliateFuture platform.

“Affiliate marketing is inherently anonymous and does not affect the privacy of consumers. However, the primary mechanism for affiliate tracking has been cookies.

“But as cookies are associated with the storing of personal information, many consumers have been encouraged to regularly delete cookies which have a detrimental impact on affiliate marketers.”

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