Polish Zloty added to eNett’s currency offering

Polish Zloty added to eNett’s currency offering

Travel payment firm eNett has added Polish Zloty to its currency offering, taking the total number available to 30.

The addition enables Polish and international agents to use streamlined supplier payments in the currency through Virtual Account Numbers (VANs).

These are automatically generated MasterCard numbers used for supplier payments and can include payment parameters such as amount, currency, date and merchant, making for a more secure way to pay or be paid.

Backed by the MasterCard guarantee and generating unique numbers for each transaction, VANs are intended to minimise the risk of fraud and maximise protection against supplier default.

Anthony Hynes, managing director and chief executive, said: “Poland had over 16 million visitors in 2014 and its tourist industry is going from strength to strength.

“With increasing volumes, our customers wanted a cost-effective solution for managing international and domestic supplier payments in Poland.”

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