Hotels urged to embrace social networks

The hotel industry must embrace new methods of interacting with consumers, such as social networking, according to a study commissioned by Amadeus.

The sector needs to accept the power of reviews and the transparency they create and ensure high standards to meet the heightened expectations of future well-researched customers.

This was one of the findings of the report, ‘A Blueprint for the Future of the Hospitality Industry’, which highlights globalisation, a new breed of customer and new technology as the key drivers to impact the sector going forward.

Hotels will also have to capture and hold increased customer information to cater for the growing demand for a more personalised guest experience no matter the booking channel.

The study also stresses the mobile channel will be of increasing importance going forward with hotel companies needing to integrate the mobile platform with existing property and content management systems.

Other technologies such as face recognition could also come into play and, the report suggests, liquid crystal displays and even holographic projections may become common technology within mobile devices in the future.

Amadeus commissioned Inspire Resources to produce the study from interviews with senior hotel executives, consultants, academics and researchers.

Download the report.

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